Reverse Mortgage HUD Counseling

In order to get a HECM (the most common type of reverse mortgage), a senior must complete a HUD approved counseling session. Fortunate, there are many phone based HUD counselors as well as in-person counselors that are setup around the country to educate homeowners. Search HECM counselors or look for a phone based counselor.

The counseling ranges from $100 to $175 depending on the area and counseling session. Some conselors will offer a reduced fee if you can prove hardship. After you complete the session, a signed copy of the HECM Conseling Certificate is sent in the mail to the senior. The certificate is needed to start the reverse mortgage application process.

Phone Based Counseling

  • National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) - 1-866-698-6322
  • Money Management International (MMI) - 1-877-908-2265
  • CredAbility - 1-800-251-2227
  • AARP - available to members only - 1-800-209-8085
  • National Council on Aging (NCOA) - 1-800-510-0301

In-Person Counseling

Search HECM counselors.